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Post your reply for war with us!
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Votekick signups
Post your reply for VK
Forum moderator: [UT]BIG, [UT]Lazerboy
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Thread: Votekick forum
Posted by: MissionX
Join to [U]nder[T]akers
Post here if you want join to clan
Forum moderator: [UT]AsSAsSInS_ViRuS
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Thread: Application
Posted by: [UT]AsSAsSInS_ViRuS
Ban Appeals & Complaints
Post here your ban appeal
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Thread: un ban me
Posted by: [UT]AsSAsSInS_ViRuS
Server bug reports
Report, if you saw a bug in our server.
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Thread: Server Auto-Kick
Posted by: [UT]AsSAsSInS_ViRuS

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